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Well yeah, actually itissandstone. The ancient astronauts theory crumbles under close scholarly analysis. The truth is, there is a vast amount of evidence, much of it ignored by scholars who are working from the paradigm of evolution, which clearly shows that early man could build, think, and design very complex cities and empires. Its not our forefathers that made this. Ancient Aliens says that Pumapunku is 17,000 years old! The Ice Age is not explicitly discussed in the Bible, but there are a few passages that imply there was a cooler climate after the Flood. 30 facts you didnt know about Puma Punku, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Nostradamus saw Trump as the anti-christ wholl trigger World War 3. [22]Lechtman, H.N., 1998,Architectural cramps at Tiwanaku: copper-arsenic-nickel bronze. The precision with which these angles have been utilized to create flush joints is indicative of a highly sophisticated knowledge of stone-cutting and a thorough understanding of descriptive geometry. timeline becomes an apologetic vehicle of argument concerning the truthfulness, credibility, and authority of the Scriptures. [12], Sand, as we will see later when we look at Egypt, has extremely hard particles in it and, if placed between a flat surface and a rock, can polish even the hardest stones known to man. with a great flood is consistent with the ancient Sumerian texts account of the Annunaki and even the Judeo-Christian Bible's Old Testament creation stories and . and 1450 B.C., the palace is a The idea that Pumapunku was from Atlantean times we now know is based on a very transparently flawed presupposition which, with modern equipment, can be easily demonstrated to be false. http://books.google.com/books?id=GXcwi84zNokC&pg=PA172&lpg=PA172#v=onepage&q&f=false. It was likely used to predict when Rather, these recent events confirm the depraved heart of man and not the ascendency of the human spirit. The Bible is true, in far more ways and detail than even imagined by todays believers. This is most likely why many ancient structures have been found largely intact under the earths oceans. Well, if Pumapunku is considered such good evidence for the Ancient Astronaut theory, we should probably start by looking at it. This is like saying that there is no way that the Egyptians used wood because trees didnt grow in Egypt. Fish were caught from the lake and placed in the ditches beside the rows. 56, No. [28]Vranich, A., 1999, Interpreting the Meaning of Ritual Spaces: The Temple Complex of Pumapunku, Tiwanaku, Bolivia. However, many authors argue that the site is much older and could predate the Inca themselves. Many of the joints are so precise that not even a razor blade will fit between the stones. The puma punku site looks as if there was a massive explosion that blew it apart. According to oral legends, the first inhabitants of Puma Punku were unlike ordinary humans and supernatural powers which allowed them to carry megalithic stones through the air with the use of SOUND. [38]Admitting that there was a pre-Incan culture at all, let alone one with more skill than them, would have been detrimental to the whole scheme. Please refresh the page and try again. The red sandstone and andesite stones were cut in such a precise way that they fit perfectly into and lock with each other without using mortar. Mankind longs to know things and to discover. [9][10]This is partly because there is evidence for this all over the site itself. Ancient Aliens spends quite a lot of time pointing out the various features in the stone masonry at Pumapunku before declaring it impossible to do without power tools. Though the massive amount of technical data we have accumulated seems impressive, an honest evaluation of our society today still reveals a barbaric inhumanness. The Tiwanaku civilizationwhich Puma Punku belonged toappears to some to have peaked from 700 AD to 1000 AD, by which point the temples and surrounding area may have been home to some 400,000 people. Even if they were pouring pure copper into the mold it would still work, but it would need sharpening often but, because archeologist actually found a few of these metal cramps used by them on site,[21][22]we now know that they were using a very strong copper arsenic nickel alloy,[23] Which made a much stronger final product. Peter 1:21; 2 Timothy 3:16). The red sandstone was relatively soft and easy to work with, and even though andesite is pretty hard, because of the way it cooled it could be easily flaked off using stones as soft as 5.5 on the Mohs scale. Among the monumental architecture built by the Tiwanaku, whose civilization thrived in what is now Bolivia between 500 and 950 A.D., was a staggering complex known as the Pumapunku.For centuries . Since we believe the Bible is true and therefore the Flood of Noah actually took place, we see how perfectly these new discoveries fit into the timeline of the text. Interestingly, Puma Punkuis located at an altitude of 12,800 feet, which means it is located above the natural tree line, which in turn means NOtrees grew in that area which means thatno trees were cut down in order to use wooden rollers So the natural question here is How did the ancient transport megalithic stones weighing hundreds of tons from the quarry to the construction site? existing between 2100 B.C. This is funny because its totally wrong, the stones are not granite or diorite at Pumapunku, they are Red Sandstone and Andesite[1][2][3], but this is also funny because of the way he says it. They show that at the same time a stone was being pounded by stone hammers, which created these troth like depressions, the grinding and polishing was taking place on the other end of the stone. You're almost done! AA: Extraterrestrials arrive; the spaceship stands in orbit. An article from Wikipedia describes the fantastic engineering involved in the temples construction. In fact, the harder the stone is the better it can be polished using sand. Learn facts that you cant learn just from reading the Bible This was machined., The sandstone and andesite stones at Pumapunku would have been easily worked with the most basic stone working tools[5][6], the idea that diamond tipped power saws were needed is ridiculous. They used hard -pounding stones to pound out troth like depressions; later on they used flat stones and sand to grind the stone to make a polished surface. The blocks were so precisely cut as to suggest the possibility of prefabrication and mass production, technologies far in advance of the Tiwanakus Inca successors hundreds of years later. [14]Archae Solenhofen. Until the effects of the Curse became more severe and their life expectancy dropped dramatically, they were able to pass on their knowledge to the next generations. Hammurabi, an ancient Babylonian king, wrote this set of laws about 340 years before Moses.4 The Code appears to have a moral basis similar to that of the Pentateuch. moved, but they are a perfect example of Arsenic acts as a de-oxidant preventing the metal from becoming too brittle[24], and nickel was used in copper alloys specifically to make stronger chisels. See presupposition 3 in chapter 2 of Landis. Puma Punku is a Pre-Columbian archaeological site in Bolivia that is steeped in wonder and mystery. Forty miles west of La Paz, Bolivia . Puma Punku is located at an altitude of 12,800 feetthis makes it even harder to explain how the ancient quarried, transported and put into position the massive rocks as Puma Punku is located ABOVE the natural tree line, which in turn means NO trees grew in that area which means that no trees were cut down in order to use wooden rollers. Pumapunku, a name that means "door of the puma," was a holy site started between 500 and 600 CE. For those they would need metal chisels, and the equivalent of a carpenters square.[17]. two neighboring pyramids, may be It is probably the case that there were made using the same plans. The Tiwanaku managed to grow hardy crops such as quinoa, corn, potatoes, and sweet potatoes for sustenance. [24]The New Scientist. Most secular historians have not completely ignored the record of the Bible. For a discussion of philosophical issues of the Bibles truthfulness, see Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge, gen. Mans inherent inquisitive nature, evident in an ongoing pursuit of education, testifies that something was lost in Eden. The other three structures are the Akapana Pyramid, the Kalasasaya Platform, and the Subterranean Temple. aligned with Orions belt. And was later the seat of a socially and politically influential Andean empire. This site possesses the largest stones ever cut. Just like that the Incans were still the oldest and greatest civilization, even though everyone probably knew it wasnt true. The incredibly precise stones, precision cuts, and polished surfaces have defied explanation for centuries. AA: Logic does not exist at Pumapunku because there we have megalithic structures which just lie around this entire site as if ripped apart by some great force., I propose that logic still exists at Pumapunku, and that the scattered state of the complex can be easily explained. Later we see Eric Von Daniken himself make the exact same, totally wrong claim. averaging 2.5 to 15 tons each. The production of staple food in the ancient times was a challenge for the Tiwanaku people as the environment on the Andean Plateau was usually arid yet cold. Literally every kind of dating method applied comes to the same conclusion: It was constructed in the early middle ages.[37]. days would occur each year. Since the sun and sky change positions at a predictable rate due to gradual changes in the angle of the earths axis, he concluded that Kalasasaya was built in 13,000 BCE as a solar observatory, despite no other evidence of solar astronomy at the site. Some believe that Puma punku couldnt have been built without help from alien beings. [7]Such pounding stones were found all over andesite quarries in the area.[8]. So, to protect their instruments they (the aliens) make, overnight, with their technology, what we call a base camp. Survival proved to be more difficult during the onset of the El Nio phenomenon which resulted either in intense rains or droughts. The Bible records that mankind gathered together: In rebellion against God, they formed their own unified government, a counterfeit religion, and a man-centered philosophical system of thought. The blocks are cut and shaped so well they fit together perfectly. [11], We will see later on that this is also how the Egyptians, 1000s of years before this, made their flat surfaced granite monuments like obelisks. Then, as man continued to evolve, he became more intellectual and aware and led us to where we are today: sophisticated 21st-century man. Over a million I noticed that, whenever Puma Punku is being discussed, people often ask whether or not the H-Blocks were designed to interconnect. AA: One of the amazing things here at Pumapunku is the precision of the blocks. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA, and the Google Matthew Zuk, The Genius of Ancient Man: The Minoan Civilization: Proof of Advanced Nature; Matthew Zuk, The Genius of Ancient Man: La Bastida: Europes Most Formidable City; Stephanie Pappas, Ancient Egypt City Aligned With Sun on Kings Birthday, Live Science. Much of the masonry is characterized by accurately cut rectilinear blocks of such uniformity that they could be interchanged for one another while maintaining a level surface and even joints. The houses of the elite, as well as the ceremonial centers, were built on the lake and surrounded by a moat. Theres no wave to it. The complex is in complete ruins today with huge blocks of granite lying around on top of each other. The assumption is that since Hammurabi wrote before Moses, then Mosess writings are a copy or revision of this previously written moral code. http://www.ancient-wisdom.co.uk/metallurgy.htm. 77-92. Or is the Bible true and verifiably so, thus making the evolutionary timeline errant?1. Puma Punku is believed to date to around 536AD. It was the gods who made it. truth supposedly proven by secular archeology or science or by any discovery past, present, or future. These remnants, nevertheless, exhibit the unmistakable hallmark of great civilizations, with marvels such as the Puma Punku (Doorway of the Puma), made of solid blocks of sandstone, weighing upto 130 tons, assembled with copper staples. You can also sign up for our free print newsletter (US only). There is also unmistakable evidence of stone hammers having been used in the places that were never meant to be visible, like where certain stones would be connected with one another. Posnanskyassumedthat the Kalasasaya temple at Tiwanaku was laid out with perfect accuracy to align to the equinoxes and solstices that he felt (but could not prove) were important to the Tiwanaku people. Viracocha came from the sea not the sky. But we who are believers in Christ have this hope that one day, because of Christs atoning work, we will again be brilliantly glorified with Him (Romans 8:1630). Unfortunately, some of these accounts are given more historical credit because they predate the writing of the Bible. The site appears to have been destroyed by an earthquake, perhaps accompanied by a tidal wave from Lake Titicaca. Do not undermine its authority. believed to have predicted movements Required fields are marked *. But with the entrance of sin and the Curse, man began and continues a downward spiral in his rebellion. The Great Pyramid of China: The Largest and oldest Pyramid on the planet? When Adam sinned, God placed a curse on the ground that affected the whole universe, a punishment of death instigating a downward spiral to all of creation, including mans being (Genesis 3; Romans 8). Why dont anyone listen to what is said by annunaki before leaving earth they placed plants on either side of a mountain for us to live for a long time but I never hear anyone mention it, Your email address will not be published. Well what about these 90-degree right angles that Ancient Aliens makes such a fuss about? If you understand a little about the Incan imperial system and religion, you will understand why the Incans didnt claim the site and why they claimed that it had a supernatural origin. Ancient Code is a website founded in 2012 that covers articles and scientific discoveries that help understand humanitys past, present, and future. Why Did Christ Ride a Donkey on His Triumphant Entry? Not even a sheet of paper can fit between their thousand-year-old stones. And their ideas of everyone prior to like the 1700s is that Europe had castles and everyone else were hunter and gathering groups like some North American native tribes. So saying that no alphabet means no planning is, in my opinion, pretty ridiculous. This is a total lie. Ancient Aliens starts off with a false dilemma by making people think that it was absolutely impossible for ancient people to construct Pumapunku, even to the point of making outright false claims. But as many people say, an image is worth a million words; this is why in this article, we have compiled 30 fascinating images of one of the most mysterious ancient complex on the surface of the planet, which continues to defy explanation and rational thinking. The largest of these blocks is 25.6 feet long, 17 feet wide and 3.5 feet thick, and is estimated to weigh 131 metric tons. The lake is the origin point of the great bearded god - Viracocha, who was said to have emerged from the waters on to the Island of the Sun, created a team of stone or mud giants and instructed them to build all the megalithic sites and carve statues of their great god along the Path of Viracocha, that included . In modern terms, pre-man would have been stupid and illiterate. one of the greatest examples of city of Alexandria was originally laid out so that The most famous features of Puma Punku are its so-called H-Blocks. When and how did the Twelve Apostles die? The name means "door of the puma," and as far as archaeologists know, Puma Punku was a thriving, ancient town originating somewhere around 500 and 600 C.E. What remained of the monumental architecture in modern times, however, was only a shadow of their former glory. There are some who acknowledge the evidence of ancient genius, but they hold the rather mystical view that aliens from outer space endowed ancient peoples with their inexplicable knowledge and ability.5 But the ever-growing list of new discoveries reveals that the data best fits the biblical paradigm. So the authority of the Bible is undermined because God is no longer the original author of moral law! It was primarily a city culture, and used bricks in construction. You cant blame him though for it becomes obvious that throughout the series he often just repeats things he has heard in Eric Von Danikens books. All the previous allusions to morality or history are distortions of the original and diluted with mans fallible ideas. highly advanced structure that Thus, the characteristics of Babel are reflected in the ancient empires and cultures all around the globe. An example of high-precision small holes. Puma Punku and Tiahuanaco are part of a large temple complex or monument group. Puma Punku is just one of several stepped platform constructions that have been excavated at Tiwanaku. Posnansky proposed a date of 15,000 B.P. It was constructed approximately in AD 536-600, however, many scientists argue that the site is much older. Terms of Service apply. A common engineering technique is tocut the top of the lower stone at a certain angle and placing another stoneon top of it which was cut at the same angle. God existed before creation and is the infinite, omniscient, and It is a needless distraction and a stumbling block to many. But there is one thing that mainstream archaeologists agree upon [and that is] that the Amara didnt have any writing. region of Spain dating to around 2200 What baffles scientists, engineers and archaeologists is the precision with which this was achieved. Photo credit, Source: Wikipedia / Ancient Wisdom / Ancient Origins. In our book, The Genius of Ancient Man,2 we refer to this idea as the priority of God in sequence and time. God predates the universe and all human history; He was actually there, and His account (which He revealed to us in His Holy Word) is the accurate one. This wide debris field contains an abundance of building block components exemplified by a few small test pits covering only a small portion of the temple remains. 2 (May, 1985). The incredibly precise stones, precision cuts, and polished surfaces have defied explanation for centuries. Located near Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, Puma Punku is another archeological wonder whose origins remain unclear despite numerous attempts at excavation and analysis by scientists over the years. Amusing Planet, 2023. are still intact, but it may have once built it possessed advanced military Reasons for this loss are highly speculative. Some of these blocks are finished to 'machine' quality and the holes drilled to perfection. Attractive design ideal for your home, office, church . Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry, dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. Not even a razor blade can slide between the rocks. Puma Punku . As years passed and as population increased, Tiwanaku society became more complex with rulers and warriors elevated to a higher status. Investigating the mysteries and history of the unique ancient megalithic sites of Puma Punku and Tihuanaco, Bolivia. Ancient mans intelligence is proven by data that is now becoming available to anyone. . The astonishingly advanced civilizations show incredible similarities. The stones are of mammoth proportion. Phone Toll Free: 877-966-7300 or 816-584-3077, [This article continues after a message from the authors], These Articles are Written by the Publishers of, Amazing Bible Timeline with World History 2023. These two opposing views (based on presuppositions and biases) are easy to understand and follow to their logical conclusions. Two of the more common proposals involve the use ofllamaskin ropes and the use of ramps andinclined planes. [7]Jean Pierre Protzen, Inca Quarrying and Stone Cutting, The Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Vol. The Bible may be accurately quoted, but it is not given proper authority over all other pieces of historical data. intelligence and capabilities. The carving is created from a single 12-ton stone. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Ellen Lloyd - AncientPages.com - The mysterious site known as Puma Punku, "The Gateway of the Puma.". This archaeological site is a paradox in itself. Ancient city ruins discovered on the surface of Mars? That being said, despite what Ancient Aliens says, Pumapunku is not all perfect right angles. The structures at the site are so 127 A large debris field extends eastward from the original site of the main temple buildings at Puma Punku, marked by the series of immense foundation platforms weighing from 150-180 tons each. For example, secular historians give the Code of Hammurabi superiority over Gods Law found in the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible, written by Moses). For those that think giants are just a myth ill give you a few ancient texts referances let . To quote from archeologist Alexi Vranich: the high quality of the stones made it attractive building material for houses, churches, plazas, bridges, even railways.[34], In other words, the stones were pulled down and hauled off by locals for building material. Some historians theorize that Moses even stole or edited many such codes that predated him. No matter when in human, historic time the Bible was actually penned or by whom, it has priority over any other account. Examples of underwater sites include Yonaguni near Japan, Dwarka near The amount of information continues to grow, and we can use it as a good confirmation of biblical history. The faces of the rocks have been finished using a polishing technique after being rough cut using stone hammers evidenced by the unfinished stones and hidden areas of the finished stones. Tiwanaku: Ancestors of the Inca. The ancient site of Puma Punku is part of an even larger complex that once belonged to the ancient Tiahuanaco culture, which predates the ancient Inca by millennia. Puma Punku (literally "The Door of the Cougar") sounds like a new fashion designer brand, but it's actually one of the most puzzling structures built by any ancient civilization. The exact origin and age of the site is disputed. [5]Jean Pierre Protzen, Who Taught the Inca Stonemasons Their Skills? Vranich, A., 1999,Interpreting the Meaning of Ritual Spaces: The Temple Complex of Pumapunku, Tiwanaku, Bolivia. vol. The dimensions of the H blocks are not all the same, though they are close[27]. The architecture found in the ruins astounds archaeologists and historians and has inspired advanced ancient civilization and ancient alien theories. So perhaps this is one of the biggest mysteries at Puma Punku. second century B.C. http://www.archaeology.org/interactive/tiwanaku/qanda.html. Also they make claims like all the H blocks are the same dimensions, which they say suggest they were made by a big machine, but not only would that not be the only conclusion if it were true, its not even true. When it is assumed that the Bible is only one of many records of early man and it is placed in a timeline alongside the other legends predating it, two key points are missed: Therefore, Gods account of what happened at the beginning of time, and Puma punku is the name of a large temple complex located near Tiwanaku, in Bolivia, and is part of a larger archaeological site known as Tiahuanacu. While farmers and merchants remained in the lower half of the hierarchy. It directly contradicts the stereotypical view of early barbaric man, dressed in animal skins and searching for the formula for fire. Entire studies have detailed how these cuts were made, and nothing spectacular is required except some metal tools like chisels. Publication no. Aneeka of Temmer - Puma Punku, Machu Picchu and more - Extraterrestrial Bases. 56, no. is perhaps the most impressive Building on the previous New Answers Books, learn more about the Gospel and a young earth, death of plants and leaves, dragons, religious wars, cavemen, science, living fossils, and more. Along with the truth of intelligent ancient man, the biblical account demands the truth of the city of Babel. This fascinating ancient alien complex is located just 45 miles west of LA Paz, high in the Andean mountains. Experts argue that the site was abandoned before it was completely finished. 30 images of Puma Punku that prove advanced ancient technology was used, The Ancient Stones Speak A Journey To The Worlds Most Mysterious Megalithic Sites. minor maintenance and cleaning license, the spectre bridegroom literary analysis, first monkey to return to earth 1959,

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